Sunday, June 8, 2008

Now the fun stuff!

So, besides mourning a beloved pet and freaking out about blood tests and the future, I have managed to get quite a bit of fun in to my days, too! (By the way, in my post a month ago I mentioned I was worried about my Beta fish, Ocean... update: although he looked so dead at one point that my dh called out he was going to go throw him away, he snapped out of it & is still swimming along. He's not at 100 %, but he's eating & swimming when he sees me, so that's a bright spot!)

A few weeks ago our favorite band of all time, The Cure, played in San Jose. Actually, rewind about 8 months... 8 months ago, the Cure were supposed to start their US tour, but they were only stopping in the Bay Area to do the Download Festival. Festival shows are great, but you never know if you're going to get a full concert, or something more abbreviated. The next stop was to be Santa Barbara, so we decided to buy tickets to the Download Festival & the Santa Barbara show and make it a long weekend for ourselves. Well, they then rescheduled their tour in order to work on their new album. In the meantime, they added another show in San Jose, so we bought tickets to that, too. So in October we went to the Download Festival, and then a few weeks ago we went to the San Jose show & then drove the next day to Santa Barbara.

Both shows were fantastic, and have renewed my love for the band once again. I've been obsessing about the lead singer as though I were back in high school. So much so that I've "decided" (in quotes because it's not a real decision, yet), that if we have a daughter, her middle name will have a Cure reference in it!

Oddly enough, my husband is a much bigger fan than I am... if you look at us we don't look like "typical" fans, but start talking to us & you'll see the love is there. Funny thing, too, when I was just meeting my husband he asked me what kind of music I liked. I sort of hate answering that question because the answer reveals so much about you so quickly. Anyway, I said I mainly listened to the radio since most of my Cd's had been stolen (a hazard of living in Oakland), but I liked the Cure a lot. He told me, "well, if you need any Cure Cd's, I pretty much have them all." And he did! Including bootlegs & rarieties... a match made in heaven!

So, we went to Santa Barbara & stayed at a hotel across the street from the beach. We got a fantastic deal that included an ala carte breakfast daily & also a $50.00 gas card, plus a reduction on the room rate, and a slight upgrade. Very, very nice. Plus we got to see our favorite band in a fairly intimate setting, the Santa Barbara Bowl. The day after the concert we wandered around Santa Barbara & just enjoyed each others company. It was so wonderful!

Our next getaway is up to Mendocino toward the latter part of this month. We're going to a place that has llamas on property, and offers llama treks. I'm very excited, and so happy my husband is indulging my not-so-secret obsession with barn animals (sheep, goats, llamas, etc.)! What a guy!

I have one more post to make & then this marathon blogging session is over!


The Shmoopies said...

Um, so what would this hypothetical daughter's middle name be? "Lovecat?"

~M~ said...

Lol, Mrs. Schmoopie... no, it would be "Disintegration!"

Just think about it... there are tons of girls names referenced: Charlotte, Mary, Elise, Wendy, just to name a few!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love The Cure as well, but obviously not as much as you too! Thanks for updating, it"s about time!

littlemonkey said...

Very, very cool. Nick and I are similar in our obsession with Dave Matthews Band! (We went to their concert on our wedding night in our full wedding regalia!)

Sounds like a perfect weekend!