Thursday, October 23, 2008

A whole lot of cycle talk going on

Time has got me down right now. Everything is so complicated and all I have to deal with are delays.

This cycle I had my HSG. Next cycle I was supposed to have my first IUI. But... I'm going to be on vacation possibly at the start of my cycle. Or not. Who knows? Not me, certainly. I never know what my body is planning on doing. Maybe AF will show a few days before I come home, maybe she'll show a few days later. Heck, maybe I'm pregnant & she'll never show!

So now I've decided to try, try, try to make this next cycle happen. It all depends on my least favorite aunt, Aunt Flo. On Monday I'm having all my pre-conception bloodwork done. Later that afternoon I leave for Venice & Croatia. When I get back, if AF starts I'll need to go in and get an ultrasound, and get my meds, get the latest plan... plus, I was supposed to take an injections class, and there won't be any time for that... As I told my doctor at my first visit, I've given my cat insulin and subcutaneous fluids, so at least I have some experience. She didn't dismiss me at all with that, so I'm hoping with just some instruction I should be able to take care of it.

The only reason I'm really hoping I can do the IUI this cycle is because if it's successful I'd be due in July. My dh is a teacher & I really want him around. Of course, 2 years ago I had my mind completely set on conceiving a baby that would be born in the summer of 07... so timing hasn't really been my friend for any of this.

I'm off to go have lunch with my mom. I'm considering confiding in her about all of this... but it's not really the relationship we have. We'll see how the mood strikes me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

HSG today

Well, on the positive side - no tube blockage, and so far no cramping. Oh, another plus: it's over.

I did not enjoy this experience at all. I didn't like being taken from an exam room to an operating room with a stupid sheet wrapped around my waist. I also didn't like the touching, prodding, poking that went along with this exam. I also did not enjoy the fight I got in with my dh over him not making an illegal U-Turn in order to get me to the appointment on time. (Me: "God damn it, can you stop driving like a little old lady? Sheesh!" Him: "I'm not going to Starbucks anymore so we can save $3.00 a day, and you want me to blow that all on a $300.00 ticket?" ) Yeah, good times.

The human brain is so crazy. I know this exam was very, very uncomfortable, sort of painful for short amounts of time, and yet, 2 hours later, I can barely remember it. I just remember telling myself: this sucks!

Anyway, I'm feeling fine and looking forward to the next steps. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find out what exactly those are.