Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Topics: Llamas,massage,Fairyland, & adoption

One post every month isn't the sign of a great blogger...but I've been sooo busy lately! Our 3rd anniversary was at the end of June. I happen to **heart** llamas, and other barnyard animals (especially sheep), so my husband very kindly allowed me to make reservations at this funky place called Lodging & Llamas in Mendocino. Our cabin, the "Water Tower":

I was hoping to go on a llama trek, but the weather was weird, and the air quality wasn't great from all the fires, so we didn't do it. Instead I got to hang out in the llama & goat corral, and tried to make friends with the llamas, which unfortunately wanted nothing to do with me. Here's an unflattering photo of me trying to make nice with one of the llamas:

The goats however were very interested:

The next weekend I flew off to Los Angeles to visit my cousin and her two little girls. While there she treated me to a Thai massage at a place that seemed a bit sketchy... I started writing about it just now, but quickly realized it would take a whole lot longer than I have (waiting for my clothes to finish washing) for me to tell the story.. I think you just had to be there!

Then my cousin drove up here, so on the weekend I spent some more time with her & the girls & we went to Fairyland in Oakland. This was the first time I had been back there since I was a little girl. My dad used to take me almost every weekend. It's changed some, but for the most part it's the same place. It was fantastic experiencing it through a child's eyes again, but the girls need to be a little older to really appreciate it (they are 1 & 3).
This past weekend I finally had time to just catch up on stuff around the house. See, no real time for blogging at all the last few weeks.

In fertility news... I haven't done much of anything except use the CBEFM (& got 2 peak days without Clomid - yay). I guess I'm in the 2ww, but I'm not really thinking about it. I don't mean that in a negative way, or even a denial, it's just I really don't expect anything to be different, especially since I'm not taking any drugs.
Tomorrow were going to an adoption orientation. It's just a fact-finding mission for us. No decision has been made, but the more information we have the better. Which brings me to my last photo. This is how the adoption books are categorized at my local B&N:

Sex Education/Adoption/Divorce & Children/Activities
Why not throw a section on llama care while you're at it, too?


Anonymous said...

Wow, B&N sure has a vast amount of information there! Not.

Good luck with your orientation. You'll make a great parent to any child and I hope you and your DH can come to some conclusions.

My dad used to live near a llama farm..they were really mean!

katd said...

HAHA! In our B&N, adoption books are right next to the books for raising troubled children. Lovely.

Your place looks fantastic! What a great retreat.

I hope things go so well with your orientation! Keep us posted:)

KK said...

I love llamas too!!