Friday, August 1, 2008

Steps forward, and backward, maybe

After the adoption orientation last week, dh & I were able to talk a bit about our next steps. What's fantastic is that our conversations were not heavy, emotion-laden discussions, but just normal conversations where we voiced our thoughts and found that we were pretty much on the same page about everything.

So, we've decided that if we were to adopt, and since the time frame can be quick or slow, it would be in our best interest to have quite a lot more money saved. This way our savings actually can go towards me staying at home as long as possible, and going back to work in some capacity later on very part-time. 

But, we still want to pursue me getting pregnant. I just don't think we're past giving up that idea yet. So, I e-mailed my doctor & asked his thoughts on me going on Clomid for another few months. He said, sure, no problem, 3 more months, here you go. After that, he really needs to refer me to a specialist.  So, we're going to try Clomid again. I'm going to go ahead & get the referral for the specialist, since I have a feeling it will take a while to get in. Then, after 3 months on Clomid, or by the advice of the RE, we'll try an IUI (if it's recommended for us). Maybe two.  If that's a failure, then I think that's as far as we'll go on our own, and we'll continue the adoption path. 

I really don't feel that adoption is a lesser option. It's exciting and scary, and takes a lot of mental preparation besides the financial prep. So, we'll go at our own pace, and our own time. And that's what's right for us.

So, I went to go get my Clomid yesterday. I decided to transfer it to Walmart since Kaiser doesn't cover it.  I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacy tech was trying to check me out, but he looked confused about the number of pills I was getting. He called over to the pharmacist who looked at me & yelled out, "I just gave you 10 (50 mgs each). Maybe that's all you'll need, right?" Um, yeah, thanks, hopefully that's all I'll need.  What ever happened to discretion???

In other news, I updated my Nor Cal Etsy directory, a listing of Etsy (& Zazzle & Cafe Press) stores featuring Nor Cal Nesties' fantastic items!



Ariella said...

Good luck on 100 mg! Do you know if you O on it or not? I just worry about taking something you don't know for sure works.

Good luck on it though and hopefully clomid is as far as you will need to go.

~M~ said...

Hi Ariel! I definitely saw an increase in my progesterone reading after taking Clomid, and I saw a distinct temp shift & peak readings on CBEFM since taking it. So, those are my only real clues, but it looks like it's helping!

Anonymous said...

This is all such an exciting time in you and your DH's life, I really hope things work out the way you want them to. I think you're making really responsible decisions and I look forward to following your journey (update more!).


KK said...

Good luck! Hopefully the pharmacist is right and you won't need anymore than these 10!