Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first RE appointment

Yesterday was one of my super busy crazy days. I'm writing that as if it's a common occurrence. It's not. In fact, normally my life is pretty darn boring. Not yesterday, though.

Here's what my day looked like yesterday:

7am: Took progesterone blood test
7:30am-8:45am: Drove to work
1:00pm: Left work
1:00-2:00pm:Drove home
2:00pm-3:00 pm: Got all dolled-up
3:00pm-4:20pm:Drove to RE appointment (got lost, even though the office is on the same street my dad lives on)
4:20pm-5:30 pm:RE appointment
5:30-11:00 pm: Norwegian Tourism board event at the Claremont Hotel, and a dinner cruise on the bay

Phew! I spent the night at the Claremont, and was so sad my DH wasn't there to enjoy it with me.
This morning I'm back at home, and will go into work in just a little bit. In the meantime, let me tell you about my re appointment , and if I have time, also about hobnobbing with the Norwegian Consulate General....

The appointment: Well, I was late, very late. I can't believe I didn't understand the directions. I was so flustered when I finally got there, but the receptionist was kind, and made me feel much more relaxed.

I went on to see the Dr & sat in her office & just chatted. She was really fantastic, has heard it all before, and is just really proactive. We talked about family history, my DH, my past treatments. Immediately she said I'm done with Clomid. It didn't work, so move on. However, she was pleased to see I've been ovulating for the past 6 months or so. I didn't think my #s were ever very good, but she said there was definitely ovulation. So, that felt good. I admitted that I had stopped taking all my other medicines, and she encouraged me to go back on them, and add in a half hour of exercise a day. I know my DH will support that, so hopefully I can incorporate that soon into my lifestyle.

We then went into the exam room and she did an ultrasound and counted many, many cysts on my ovaries. So, yep, I definitely have PCOS. She'd like me to get a HSG, and then start on injectables and then it's my choice to do an IUI or IVF (I'm so sorry for all the jargon,and I just don't have time today to explain it all, but I'll post a little primer on all the lingo sometime soon).

So, then we were done, and I guess her nurse will call me sometime today to get some of this scheduled. I haven't even talked to DH, yet, so I don't know what his thoughts will be. It sounds like if I do an IUI it will be $3,000.00 each month (there's only a 25% chance of success), and if I do IVF, the cost more than doubles, but so do my chances. I'm just not sure about any of this.

I haven't had a chance to really digest any of it. Hopefully tonight DH & I will get some good conversations in.

Oops, got to run, my carpool is just about here.

Thanks for reading!


Ariella said...

Sounds like a good appt. I am glad you liked Dr H and felt good about the appt. I hope you and DH can have your talk about it soon.

Alison & Brandyn said...

AWESOME Marisa!!! Yeah for your great Dr. and her very proactive stepped to move forward. Congrats on this step!!

KK said...

Sounds like a great appointment M! I am glad you have a great doc and a plan in the works!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some steps in the right direction for you! Great to have a proactive Dr that you like behind you in all this too..

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you got some good info. I definitely know how overwhelming it all is! I love Dr. H., though. Also take advantage of the financial advisors. I've recently learned that they're great and are getting us closer to something actually happening rather than us being scared to death by dollar signs and statistics. Good luck! ~Jamers

Anonymous said...

That sounds really proactive, but I am sorry you have such difficult choices ahead of you. I wish you and your DH all the luck in figuring things out!

Oh, and 30 minutes of excerise will be so good for you! I suggest getting some of those at home workouts if you don't have a gym membership, Billy Banks kicks my butt!