Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm back!

Got home yesterday from Venice & Croatia. I'm a little too out of it to write a full review, but it was definitely a great trip. Unfortunately, our luggage was lost, but eventually found us in Dubrovnik after 6 days (of a 9 day trip). We spent way too much time on vacation shopping for underwear and socks, but even with that we got some good stories out of it.

Right now I'm trying to get a hold of the IUI coordinator at the infertility clinic. I have to say, she sucks. I was reserving judgment for so long, but really, I can't believe how difficult communication with her has been. I emailed her before I left letting her know she could call my prescription in for my meds (this was a response to her e-mail a few hours earlier). No response until about 3 days ago, when I got an e-mail from her saying she had been out of the office, and had the pharmacy contacted me? Nope.

AF started on Wednesday California time, and I was hoping that today I could get my baseline sonogram and actually have a go at this cycle, but... I e-mailed her from the Venice airport yesterday saying I would be home today and could take any appointment any time. Just make me one, at any office, and I'd be there. No response. I called and left a message this morning, no response. My window has come and gone at this point. There isn't enough time for me to get the injectable meds, there are just too many obstacles, and I'm just fed up. I can't stop crying, and it's just so upsetting. Even tough I was terribly uncomfortable flying for 14 hours while dealing with AF, I was so cheerful, I really thought everything was going to work out. It's not. I'm pissed off, and just feel helpless. I need a break.


Erica said...

I am so sorry! Is there another coordinator that you can work with? I would definitely call and speak with someone and show them where you have called and emailed and the severe delay in the response. In this scenario, with time being of the essence, you can't afford to be working with someone who doesn't seem to get that. Maybe talk with our doctor? I'm really sorry and I hope that you are feeling a little better tomorrow. Just hang in there.

Erica said...

Hey Marisa,

I hope you're unpacked now because I've nominated you for the uber amazing blog award! Come read and claim your award:


KK said...

Hi M, just stopping by to say hi and hoping things are looking up!