Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving on?

Most of the time I feel like I've moved on from my TTC journey - I'm ready to embrace the whole new adventure of adoption... but every once in a while I still cling on to that hope that some how, some time, I will be pregnant. Then I feel guilty, but what can I do - I'm human & I'm conflicted and I'm not perfect.

But... I did pass along my CBEFM to a friend, and also a while ago I bought a Snoogle from a friend because I was CONVINCED I would be pregnant soon, but earlier this month I also passed that on to another friend. They've both gone to good homes, but it still stings a tad - that I can't lie about.

I also run a check-in post for my local message board for the gals over there who are having t-ttc (but we call it Still-TTC, since some people don't necessarily have trouble ttc, it's just not going the way they expected), and I'm getting close to letting it go... for some reasons it's because I just haven't been getting a lot of participation lately, and also partly because I'm just not Still Trying To Conceive... it's just not where my head is at anymore...

Oh, and don't forget to visit me on my other blog, which chronicles my adoption journey:
A Whole Lot of Hope


Anonymous said...

Well, I am obviously SO late here, but better late than never, right? :) First of all, I'm so sorry for the heartache of your BFNs but then, a huge congrats on turning to adoption. Obviously, it's the best thing we've ever done:)
I'm so excited to go over to your new blog and start reading! I need to catch up:)

Karen Chase said...

Adoptions are great! God has a different plan for you.