Friday, March 21, 2008

Getting started.

So, my dh is going away for a bit (one school week) so this gives me some time to work out some of my feelings about beginning infertility treatments. A little background: I've always had irregular cycles, and was on the pill for many years just to "regulate things." I don't remember anyone (doctors, nurse practitioners, etc. ) ever spending even a second to talk to me about what it all could mean - they just put me on the pill & figured that would fix my problems. I didn't know that I could potentially have problems down the road, & even when I went for a "pre-conception" appointment, my doctor just said to try for 6 months & then see him if I had any problems. 24 months later, and it looks like I'm finally getting somewhere. None of this is anyone's fault, but it is teaching me that I must be able to speak up for myself & know as much as I can in order to move along. Unfortunately I'm more of a "let's hope it all works out on it's own" kind of gal. I think I'm going to have to adjust that!

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