Monday, March 24, 2008

AF is here!

Dear lord, I can't believe I've resorted to talking about my period in cyberspace. Well, who cares - because she's here!!! I was on cycle day 34, which isn't unusual, but I hadn't been feeling any symptoms, which is weird for me. But my body just wanted me to freak out a little. Getting AF is super important because it means that on Friday I can start Clomid!

Ah, Clomid... I had such mixed emotions about you... I whined on thenest that I was sooo disappointed that my doctor had prescribed Clomid for me. I felt like there it was - I was an infertile, not capable of naturally producing my own offspring. The gals over on thenest were so supportive & it was then that I realized I was being a baby; that this was actually an opportunity for me & my dh, and instead of being mad at my body, I was actually excited. Woo hoo for Clomid!

Oh, here's the complete text of the e-mail my dr sent me prescribing Clomid:
Your labs indicate that you likely did not ovulate this cycle, and you most likely have polycystic ovarian syndrome. You are taking Metformin twice per day now. Let's have you increase it to three times per day. I'll also prescribe Clomid 50mg. You take one tablet a day on days #5-9 of each cycle. It's very simple. I'm leaving for vacation and will return on March 26. If you have any further questions, I can answer them when I return.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your treatment! I'm sure this is a very emotional time for you and I look forward to reading more about your journey.

PS, If I wasn't positive my MIL reads my blog, I would talk about my period on cyberspace also!

Ariella said...

Hey girl. Looks like we get to have the clomid crazies together. I understand feeling upset about your body "failed you". I went through a period like that too. I hope your s/e on the drug are mild and that it gives your body the push it needs to get pg without further intervention.

Kelly Marie said...

PCOS seems to be such an allusive syndrome. Like, no Drs think it is a big deal until you're trying to have a child. I didn't get periods for 4 months out of each year for many years in a row. Drs just wanted to put me on BC to regulate, but never to address the problem of PCOS!

Frustrating!!! I feel lucky (and guilty in comparison to others with PCOS) to have not needed to meds to get pregnant.

Good luck to you ! I hope this journey of fertility is not a long one. Sending many fertile vibes your way.

Alison said...

Good luck M! I hope Clomid answers your prayers!

Charmaine said...

Best of luck! Thanks for sharing your blog with us.