Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a full day!

I'm just waking up from what must be a food & acupuncture fueled coma.

Yesterday was my first acupuncture appointment. I'm going a bit out of my way, but the acupuncturist I'm seeing came with very good references, and I feel sort of afloat when making these kinds of decisions. My time is fairly limited, so I can't go to lots of random places from the internet & hope to find someone that I like. So, I went to one recommended to me by a Nestie who now has a little one. I actually saw this Nestie yesterday & she sort of off-handedly mentioned the cycle she started seeing this acupuncturist was the one she got pg on. So we'll see!

At the acupuncture appointment I filled out as short questionnaire about my health, diet and exercise history, (which included questions about my mood & stress level). Mood: Moderate; Stress level 3 out of 10 (not too bad, right?). Diet: poor, and carb heavy (it was pointed out to me). Exercise: what? That's currently not really part of my life. So, besides the acupuncture, I'll be needing to make some diet changes & definitely start upping my cardio.

So, when I went in to the office we talked a little about the form I just filled out, then I took my shoes off & got on the the table (Sort of like a massage table). I did not have to remove any clothes, which going into it, I really didn't know. Thank god I didn't just assume that I would, because the acupuncturist would of had quite a surprise! Well, I didn't know anything about acupuncture; I thought she'd have to stick needles near my uterus or something. Um, no, it doesn't work that way!

The acupuncturist, Kim, had me relax on my back, and she inserted about four needles into my left ear, one on my head somewhere, one on my arm, a couple in some fingers, and a few in my foot. There might have been one some where else, too. At first I just felt a little tap, but my ears were sensitive & I could really feel the needles. I let her know & she adjusted & it was much better. The others I didn't feel as much. When she was done she left the room so I could relax for a half hour. At first my mind was racing. I even thought about work, which I never do. And then i was asleep. I had dreams & everything. I opened my eyes & wasn't sure where I was, it was a bit disconcerting! Then a moment later Kim opened the door & asked if I had fallen asleep. I had! Then she asked if I woke up wondering where I was. I did! So, at least I'm normal. She removed all the needles & asked me to relax a little more. But then I got antsy, so I sat there for about 90 seconds & then checked out.

All in all, it was a positive experience. I felt very relaxed afterward (almost stoned), it felt a bit like I do after a massage. So, I'll be going every week for the next couple months. We'll see what happens!

Jeez, this is going to be a long post... So, after my acupuncture I had a party to go to. A fantastic Nestie opened her home to us for a "Heritage GTG" - we each had to bring something tat represented our heritage. I could not think of anything that I could make that would be edible for Norwegian or Czech, so I brought some samosas in honor of my husband's Pakistani heritage.

Everything was so delicious, and the group of people there were so friendly. I love my local Nesties!

I came home, started watching a show about a women's prison & promptly fell asleep. A nice deep, food & acupuncture fueled sleep!

Oh, I also started Clomid on Friday! No side-effects, yet. Crap, now that I've written that I'm pretty doomed to get them, I think!


avalikelava said...

Yey! I'm glad yesterday went well for you.

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you last night. I turned around and all of a sudden it was time to leave.
I really wanted to see how you were doing.

I'm glad Clomid is treating you well and I hope it will continue to. Crossing fingers for you ~M~ :)

Ariella said...

I am very gald you went, are you willing to share who you are using? I would love to know incase my first person doens't work out.

Also I am so gald to hear that you haven't had any clomid s/e. I hope that continues and this is as far down the IF road as you have to travel.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like a great experience! Is acupuncture covered my insurance? Since I have never had a professional massage, I am having trouble picturing what happened and what you felt--but I can tell I want one!

I hope your side effects are mild! Good luck and keep us updated!