Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm not very original.

Apparently. Today I decided to do a minor ego-check & see what happens if I did a search on my blog on Google. I wasn't expecting to see anything, since I think I have it set to not be searchable (have to check that) and I've just started it , but I really wasn't expecting to see reference to a dead blog at my new address. But that is what I found. First it was just a link listed on another blog from a few years ago. That led me to go search the Way Back Machine for, and that's when I found years' worth of old postings from a woman struggling with infertility. I've just started reading, and I'm just loving her voice. She & I had the exact same reasoning for calling our blogs "Fertility Now" - it's a Seinfeld reference - George's dad attempts to calm himself down by screaming "Serenity Now!" Eventually it backfires & creates an explosion of emotion. George's nemesis later tells him that he tried "Serenity Now", but it only led to him being put in a mental hospital. "Serenity now...insanity later." I was watching that episode & that's when I decided to start the blog. I've been keeping everything bottled up, only allowing people in a little bit, but it's burdening me. At least now I can write & explore, and feel safe.

So, back to the person who used to live at this virtual address. She's moved on, stopped using blogger, switched over to typepad, and eventually achieved "Fertility Now." (Well, she had her son, but it looks like she's still struggling with fertility.)

I sort of feel like an impostor now, using this name... Well, new people move in, right? I may not be the original owner of this spot in the blogosphere, but it's mine now & I'll be here for a while!


avalikelava said...

Ha! Interesting story, and inspirational.

How are you doing btw? I hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

New people do move in.
You should leave her comments on typepad, I'm sure she would get a kick out of this entry.

And for the record, it's time for you to actually do what you said this blog was for. We have no idea, as Ava mentioned, how you are! :)