Thursday, June 12, 2008

My boss is crazy & I'm cracking up

Today I had just one of my many weird conversations with my boss. I turned in something that was filled with mistakes & oddities... way worse than anything else I've ever done, but fixable & actually comical. I just let my boss know I was trying to keep her on her toes. As we had a good laugh about my mistakes she turned & said... I just thought it was because maybe you're pregnant & the hormones are making you make mistakes. I rolled my eyes, tried not to look crushed & said, Nope, not pregnant, just overworked.

So when she left I started talking to my coworker about the bosses comment. She informed me that my boss is crazy obsessed with me being/becoming pregnant & asks my coworker about it all the time.

Every time I have a doctors appointment, my coworker is quizzed.
If I am late to work, my coworker is quizzed.
If I leave early, my coworker is quizzed. And so on...

She asks my coworker if she thinks I'll quit when I become pregnant & if I know I'm not supposed to handle cat litter (because of my pregnancy).

Now she's decided I have fertility issues (yes, I know that I do, but dear Lord, I do not discuss this with people I know, only with strangers on the internets, & she does not know this). So, she wants to know from my coworker if me taking thyroid pills is affecting my fertility (in an ill-thought out moment of candor I told her I was on them, but only because she was telling me she was taking them, too). I am, according to my boss, obsessed with my baby nephew because I long for a little one to hold in my arms. My trip to Santa Barbara must have been a trip to try a new place to try to make babies, you know switch things up a bit... yes, she discussed this again with my coworker. So, as coworker was telling me all this I just started laughing, & by the end we were both almost in tears. I kind of like this game...because she at least has enough sense not to ask me directly (usually), so it's fun to see her try to guess. According to her calculations, I have been pregnant for three years.

There have been a few times where she has brought up babies/pregnancy to me. All have been very comical to me.

-My co-worker & I were talking about which stores her expecting daughter-in-law was registered at & comparing notes since my cousin was due the same week. Boss came in the room int he middle of the conversation & told us to stop talking about babies. Meanly. With strange emotion. Ohhh Kayyy.

-I came into work one day & in the spot where my old computer had been was just a dusty space. I was surprised to see my computer missing & when I said, Wow, it's gone! She said, "Wow - look at all that space... you could put a baby there!" I just laughed & thought, I'm not putting a baby in a dirty corner of my desk...

-There was a newsmagazine recently that had a picture of a pregnant woman's bare belly. My boss picked it up & exclaimed -"That's obscene!" & threw the magazine in the trash.

Boy, I wonder how she'll take it when I really am.


Ariella said...

Your boss is wierd! I am sorry but it is true.

Alison said...

WOW - c.r.a.z.y!

Anonymous said...

That is just bizarre.

The Rebound Girl said...

Is your boss trying to conceive? All of this quizzing of the co-worker and questions would have me a bit concerned.