Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, no real surprise. I have a feeling I will be a full-of-symptoms kind of gal, and I've had none, other than AF not showing when I expected. I'm going to e-mail my doctor for the RE referral, and also check out another fertility clinic & start committing myself to that process. Don't worry -no tears here, just resignation.

PS. Is it odd that I don't tell my dh when I'm testing? He gets so anxious (the one time I did) with lots of nail biting, and it's just easier on me when I tell him later (if at all). He figures it out when AF shows.


Mommy Moreno said...

no - not odd at all ... i did the same thing several times.

Ariella said...

I am sorry it was negative. ((((((BIG HUG)))))) It seems like time to move on to an RE to me. If you are looking at RSC and have any questions let me know: kittylove516 at yahoo dot com I highly recommended their "meet the Dr" night.

I didn't like telling my hubby when I was testing either. It was more heartbreaking to have his hopes mashed than mine.