Sunday, January 4, 2009

IUI went a-ok

Just a quick update... (with just enough TMI to make you queasy)

I had my IUI on Saturday. It was easy-peasy. We stayed the night at a hotel right next to the clinic and that worked out really well, plus the rate was only $60.00 (maybe a little less).

We dropped dh's "specimen" off at the lab, and then we came back to the hotel for another 2 hours.

When I came back I had to pick up the washed and ready to go specimen and hold it until my doctor came in to the exam room (it was in a test tube). Then the doctor, the nurse, and a new doctor came into the room. I appreciated that the new doctor didn't get up all in my business; she stayed towards my head.

My doctor reviewed my dh's semen analysis, and said it actually wasn't perfect (I think the motility rate is a little low, but most everything else looked great), and she thought because of this that having the IUI would gives us an extra push that we weren't getting naturally. My cervix was in a great position, and my cervical mucus was prime. So, other than just having that one follicle, I think I'm in a great position for success. That one follicle is keeping my hopes low, which is important because I do not want to get carried away with the what-ifs. Two weeks is a long time to obsess about all of this, and I've already bought 5 pregnancy tests in case I can't wait until two Saturdays from now. So I have an uphill battle with myself to keep my impulses under control.

The insemination was painless, in fact I felt nothing at all.

As I've mentioned in other forums, it was sort of a surreal experience having three people in the room with me while my baby may be getting conceived & not one of them was my husband (or even a guy).

So, that's the story for now. I really hope I have some good news to tell you in two weeks!


Erica said...

I know wht you mean; the wait is the hardest part. I hope the two weeks flies by for you and that you get wonderful news!


SmartAssMom said...

Good luck!!!!
If it makes you feel any better, I wasn't even in the room when my daughter was conceived

Shannon said...

I'm pulling for you M!