Friday, April 18, 2008

I can't sleep.

My mind is just racing. I think its the cocoa I had not too long ago. Or the fact that according to, I ovulated 8 days ago. Or did I? That is the million dollar question... and the one that has me freaking out. Here's the problem: every morning I note my waking (basal) temperature & then enter it into FF. Now, I've been fairly consistent this cycle, but I've missed a couple days, and sometimes I wake up at strange times & you're supposed to take your temp at the same time every day. I can tell already that I'm rambling.... Ok, so I haven't seen anything that looks really like ovulation on my chart, but I'm not an expert. At all. If you have the paid FF subscription, FF will take all your signs & temps & tell you if it thinks you've ovulated, or will ovulate. Up until today I've gotten nothing. Nada. So I did something that I don't know was wise. FF has different interpretation modules that you can choose. I've been on the The Advanced Detector, which is the default, but then I changed over to the Research Detector, which according to FF notes, can be "unstable." See the descriptions of the two here:
  • Advanced Detector is our recommended detector and the default for all charts. We recommend that you keep your chart on this setting. This detector takes all your fertility signs into account. It uses the computing power of our servers to actually scan for patterns of ovulation on your charts based on the many patterns that we have encountered through our years of experience. Once it has determined your most likely ovulation day based on all your fertility signs, it then determines a coverline (the horizontal line across your chart) with a reasonable value to show you your biphasic (ovulation) pattern. Our advanced detector simultaneously takes into account all signs and data you enter to determine the best interpretation.
  • The Research Detector is our cutting edge research detector. This detector includes all new patterns and improvements as we find them. With time and testing, we roll new findings into the advanced detector when appropriate. Since this detector is continuously under construction, it can be unstable. You should use it only if you wish to check for enhancements that are not yet rolled into the advanced detector.

When I switched to Research, it changed my chart from saying "possible ovulation date 4/10... no ovulation detected yet" to
showing an ovulation date. I just don't know!

So, for all intents & purposes I'm in the 2 week wait. I'm going to do my very best not to test until after cycle day 33. Knowing me I'll sneak one in sooner than that, but I won't be crushed if it's negative. Up until tonight I didn't think I had any chance at all. Maybe it's better that way. At least that way I can sleep. Right now all I can think about is if I'm pg this cycle, the baby's due date will be 1/1/09. I can't have a New Year's Baby, can I? That would be crazy! What will I do at work if I have morning sickness and am not ready to tell anyone? The poor bookkeeper shares a wall with the bathroom... she'd surely know what's going on... and so on & so on. At least when I didn't have any hope I let my mind rest. Now I'm all sorts of crazy.

Fingers crossed for me, ok????

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Fingers crossed for you!!